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Are air flow sensors important for car engines? Why.

Air flow sensor, also known as air flow meter, is one of the important sensors of efI engine.It will be inhaled air flow into electrical signals sent to the electronic control unit (ECU), as one of the basic signals to determine the fuel inj...

13 Jan 2022 113 RYDW
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How useful is a steering machine for a car steering system?

Steering machine is in the driver steering wheel at the same time, to help the driver to force, in order to reduce the driver steering with strength, to achieve the driver easy, convenient purpose of the machine.It is mainly divided into rac...

13 Jan 2022 165 RYDW
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Is power steering pump important to automotive steering system? Why!

The power steering pump is driven by the engine to transfer the low pressure oil to the high pressure oil in the tank to the steering control valve. The Role Of Power Steering Pump 1. Power steering pump is the power source of hydraulic powe...

12 Jan 2022 80 RYDW
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What is the effect of steering joint on automobile steering system?

Steering knuckle, also known as sheeps horn, is one of the important parts in the automobile steering bridge, which can make the automobile run stably and transfer the driving direction sensitively. The function of the steering knuckle is to...

12 Jan 2022 188 RYDW
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Do you know what the engine rack does?

What does the engine bracket do Keep engine and gearbox fixed and smooth. The engine bracket is used to hold the engine in place, so when it goes wrong, it cannot be fixed firmly.So, when the engine is running, there will certainly be a jit...

11 Jan 2022 129 RYDW
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How important are radiator covers to car cooling systems?

Radiator Cap Modern forced circulation water cooling system of automobile engine is strictly covered with radiator cover on the radiator and coolant mouth, so that the water cooling system becomes a closed system, usually called the closed...

11 Jan 2022 100 RYDW
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Is the piston important to the engine? Why it matters.

Engine Piston Working Principle It takes the pressure from the combustion gas at the top of the piston and passes the gas pressure through the piston pin to the connecting rod to drive the rotation of the crankshaft, which rotates and outpu...

08 Jan 2022 117 RYDW
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Do you know what the function of a piston in a car is?

The piston is the heart of an automobile engine, bearing alternating mechanical and thermal loads.Here is more information about the piston: 1. Impact: partial cylinder piston will cause the piston and cylinder liner eccentric wear, not only...

08 Jan 2022 171 RYDW
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Installation and structure of automobile water pump.

Installation Position Of Water Pump 1. Installation position of the mechanical water pump The mechanical water pump is driven by the engine crankshaft through the transmission tape, and its speed is proportional to the engine speed.There ar...

07 Jan 2022 183 RYDW
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What is the role of automobile water pump?

In automobile engine cylinder block, there are multiple for cooling water circulation channel, and placed in the front of the car radiator (commonly known as water tank) through the water pipes connected to form a large water cycle system, o...

07 Jan 2022 143 RYDW
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