Knowledge Of Auto brake parts

If brake pads have abnormal sound, how should we solve and analyze.

Brake abnormal sound is a very headache problem, there are many reasons for brake abnormal sound, whether it is new or old, it may cause brake abnormal sound, in the end why will produce brake pad abnormal sound?Lets take a look. When brakin...

03 Mar 2022 119 RYDW
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How many kilometers does a car brake pad have to be replaced?

According to the vast majority of car habits, generally speaking, the service life of a brake pad is 30 thousand kilometers to 60 thousand kilometers.If the car at ordinary times is gentle, the brakes are not so strong, and on less, and even...

01 Mar 2022 132 RYDW
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What are the meaning of running brake and parking brake?

The braking system has conventional braking and auxiliary braking, and the conventional braking is composed of service braking and parking braking. There are many auxiliary systems, such as ABS, EBD. ASR, TCS and so on. We will talk about th...

11 Feb 2022 150 RYDW
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The characteristics and maintenance of automobile brake tube?

Classification Of Brake Hoses According to the different forms of automobile braking, it is divided into hydraulic brake hose, pneumatic brake hose and vacuum brake hose.According to its different materials are divided into rubber brake hos...

11 Feb 2022 73 RYDW
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What are the does of brake hoses on automobiles and related terms?

Automobile brake hose (commonly known as brake tube), is used in the automobile brake system parts, its main role is to transfer the brake medium in the automobile brake, ensure that the braking force is transferred to the automobile brake s...

11 Feb 2022 107 RYDW
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Few people have considered how the brakes actually work

When a driver presses a car brake, it is assumed that these components will work, but very few people consider how the brake actually works.Even if youre not a car mechanic, you can benefit from knowing what your brakes do.Although you may n...

31 Dec 2020 53 RYDW
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How to tell if the brake drum is broken?

The safety of the vehicle depends on the brakes.Drum breakage or damage should be resolved as soon as possible.If your car has trouble braking, stop driving and tow it to the garage. This is some sign that your brake drum is broken: Noise:...

21 Dec 2020 163 RYDW
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How does the drum brake work?

Automobile drum brake system includes drum, brake shoe and wheel cylinder.The cylinder pushes the shoes into the roller to slow or stop your car. Some vehicles use a braking system that consists partly of drum brakes.They are so called beca...

21 Dec 2020 161 RYDW
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14 steps to complete the car braking task

Study the braking system of the vehicle Weve all heard the phrase finish the brake job.But what does a complete brake job involve?Are you buying new brake pads?Or to replace the rotor?When you understand the steps in this common maintenance...

11 Dec 2020 53 RYDW
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Causes of brake noise and How to Fix Them

Common Brake Noises and Their Causes Noise Possible Cause Grinding Stop driving! Usually caused by the brake pad being worn down to nothing Thumping from rear Hard to diagnose, but usually the rear drums Squeaking Either cheap brake pads, o...

10 Dec 2020 146 RYDW
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