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What is the intake manifold gasket?Function of intake manifold gasket

They may be small, but gaskets are crucial to your vehicle.Automotive gaskets are often placed between two surfaces and bolted together to act as seals to maintain fluid, maintain pressure, and prevent debris from entering the engine.Your ca...

11 Dec 2020 152 RYDW
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14 steps to complete the car braking task

Study the braking system of the vehicle Weve all heard the phrase finish the brake job.But what does a complete brake job involve?Are you buying new brake pads?Or to replace the rotor?When you understand the steps in this common maintenance...

11 Dec 2020 53 RYDW
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Causes of brake noise and How to Fix Them

Common Brake Noises and Their Causes Noise Possible Cause Grinding Stop driving! Usually caused by the brake pad being worn down to nothing Thumping from rear Hard to diagnose, but usually the rear drums Squeaking Either cheap brake pads, o...

10 Dec 2020 146 RYDW
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How to handle engine overheating?

Don’t wait for the temperature warning light to come on. Read on to learn what can cause your engine to overheat, what to do if it happens to you, and what steps you can take to ensure that your engine keeps its cool all summer long....

07 Dec 2020 171 RYDW
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Fouled Spark Plugs in Car,What would you do?

They may be small, but spark plugs are one of the most important parts of your engine. These little wonders take in high voltage electricity at one end and ignite a spark at the other end. The spark fires the air and fuel mixture within the...

07 Dec 2020 179 RYDW
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Car Wheel hub assemblies function

From safely negotiating a tight turn on a winding country road to changing lanes on the freeway, you depend on your vehicle to steer exactly where you want it to every time you jump in the drivers seat. Have you ever thought about what enab...

04 Dec 2020 76 RYDW
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Why Does My Car Pull to the Left or Right?

Steering your vehicle takes little effort - a correction here or there is all it usually takes to keep you moving down the road. However, if you sense your vehicle pulling to one side and leave your vehicle feeling like you just had quite t...

02 Dec 2020 176 RYDW
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Signs of a Failing Driveshaft

From trucks and SUVs to compact cars and sedans, your vehicles transmission system helps power you down the road. Also referred to as the driveshaft, the transmission is responsible for allowing your car to shift from idle to drive. A bad o...

02 Dec 2020 89 RYDW
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Ball Joints and Tie Rods - What's the Difference?

Smoothing out the bumps From ensuring steering stability and smooth handling to delivering a comfortable ride, the suspension system plays a key role in the performance of your vehicle. Made up of many parts, two important pieces of your ca...

02 Dec 2020 69 RYDW
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Brake warning light = brake system problem

Few things will stop you in your tracks quite like seeing your brake warning light come on. When your cars brake warning light comes on, it tells you something is wrong with the braking system; it cant be put off or ignored until laterthe p...

02 Dec 2020 163 RYDW
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