Knowledge Of Auto engine parts

The role of the car piston ring, is it important?

Piston ring sealing, heat conduction, oil control, support and other functions. Piston Rings Are Mainly Divided Into Gas Ring And Oil Ring Two Kinds. The Role Of The Gas Ring Is To Ensure The Sealing Between The Cylinder And The Piston, To P...

10 Mar 2022 191 RYDW
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What are the three gaps of the piston rings?

Piston Ring Three Gap Are Ring Gap (End Gap), Axial Gap (Lateral Gap), Radial Gap (Back Gap). Ring gap (end gap) is the gap between the two ends of the piston ring.Axial clearance (lateral clearance) is the clearance formed between the pist...

09 Mar 2022 117 RYDW
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What is the impact of a car's piston ring installed upside down?

The piston ring installed in reverse will not play the role of sealing and oil control, even if installed on the car may be underpowered, lubricating oil consumption fast, engine performance decline or even damage the engine cylinder. The cr...

09 Mar 2022 51 RYDW
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How to clean the carbon deposit in the piston of automobile engine?

Engine Piston Cleaning Carbon Accumulation Method: 1.Engine piston carbon deposit exists in the top of the piston, can be dismantled physical method to clean carbon deposit, scraper, scraper and other removal of carbon deposit, and then use...

09 Mar 2022 116 RYDW
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What about finding water in the piston of a car engine? What happens when the piston enters water.

The engine piston has water may be the vehicle in the water after the bubble led to engine water, may also be the vehicle in the water due to the engine water caused by flameout;It could also have been caused by a damaged cylinder liner ente...

09 Mar 2022 169 RYDW
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Automobile engine piston has no direction.

The piston of an engine has a direction.Pistons are marked forward, and when mounted, the mark or arrow on the top of the piston should be mounted forward, that is, towards the timing gears of the engine.The top notch of the piston is not sy...

09 Mar 2022 103 RYDW
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What's with the oil in the piston of a car engine?

It is normal to have oil in the piston of an engine.Because pistons are lubricated by splashes of oil.Specific process is: there is a gap between piston and cylinder, piston ring below there is a small hole, when the oil through the crank sp...

08 Mar 2022 200 RYDW
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How the pistons in a car engine move.

The Engine Piston Movement Process Is: 1. The piston moves from BDC to BDC under the drive of the crankshaft.The intake valve opens and the exhaust valve closes.A mixture of air and gasoline is drawn into the cylinder through the intake val...

08 Mar 2022 177 RYDW
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How many cases and solutions can the engine fail to start?

1. If The Start Switch Is Turned To s Position, The Engine Does Not Respond. Check the starting circuit, fuse, relay, battery and wiring, start switch.For automatic transmission vehicles, check whether the shift handle is in the P/N positio...

28 Feb 2022 51 RYDW
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Consejos y clasificación para el uso de filtros de aire en automóviles.

El filtro de aire acondicionado del coche puede reducir efectivamente los contaminantes que entran en su coche a travs de la calefaccin, ventilacin y sistema de aire acondicionado, evitar la inhalacin de contaminantes dainos para el cuerpo,...

17 Feb 2022 84 RYDW
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