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How many kilometers does a car brake pad have to be replaced?

According to the vast majority of car habits, generally speaking, the service life of a brake pad is 30 thousand kilometers to 60 thousand kilometers.If the car at ordinary times is gentle, the brakes are not so strong, and on less, and even...

01 Mar 2022 132 RYDW
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How many cases and solutions can the engine fail to start?

1. If The Start Switch Is Turned To s Position, The Engine Does Not Respond. Check the starting circuit, fuse, relay, battery and wiring, start switch.For automatic transmission vehicles, check whether the shift handle is in the P/N positio...

28 Feb 2022 51 RYDW
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Consejos y clasificación para el uso de filtros de aire en automóviles.

El filtro de aire acondicionado del coche puede reducir efectivamente los contaminantes que entran en su coche a travs de la calefaccin, ventilacin y sistema de aire acondicionado, evitar la inhalacin de contaminantes dainos para el cuerpo,...

17 Feb 2022 84 RYDW
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What a car air filter is and how it works.

Automobile air filter is to remove particulate impurities in the air in the car, automobile air conditioning filter can effectively reduce pollutants through the heating ventilation and air conditioning system into the car, prevent the inhal...

16 Feb 2022 119 RYDW
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Automotive automatic transmission classification.

(1) According To The Structure Of The Gear Shifting Mechanism, The Automatic Transmission Can Be Divided Into Planetary Gear Type And Parallel Shaft Type. ① Planetary Gear Automatic Transmission Planetary gear transmission is adopted, and...

16 Feb 2022 70 RYDW
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What is the role of the lateral stabilizer bar for automobiles?

Transverse Stabilizer Bar Also Known As Anti - Tilt Bar, Balance Bar It is an auxiliary elastic component in automobile suspension. The role of the lateral stabilizer bar is to prevent excessive tilting of the car body when turning and impr...

16 Feb 2022 69 RYDW
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Is it necessary to clean the engine compartment?

Is it necessary to wash the engine compartment when its dirty?I believe there are many owners will be more confused to regular cleaning?Can the engine compartment be flushed?Lets take a look. There Is No Need To Clean Engine Compartment By S...

15 Feb 2022 153 RYDW
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What parts of a car can break easily?

The car is a high-speed moving mechanical product, in the process of working in addition to its own mechanical friction, but also by the outside of the role of various forces and environmental erosion, so a variety of parts on the car is a l...

15 Feb 2022 167 RYDW
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Automobile transmission shaft abnormal sound causes and troubleshooting.

When the technical condition of the automobile transmission shaft deteriorates, the amplitude of the bending vibration increases, the vibration is severe, and even causes the body shaking, and gives out obvious periodic sound, which is calle...

14 Feb 2022 142 RYDW
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Common faults of automobile sensors and their detection methods?(2)

Camshaft Position Sensor Camshaft Position Sensor Position Camshaft position sensor is generally installed in the front or rear end of the camshaft.Special detection of a cylinder top dead center position. Camshaft Position Sensor Fault Per...

14 Feb 2022 184 RYDW
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