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What you know how to adjust and replace spark plugs?

Spark plugs are inside every gasoline car engine, but most vehicle owners know little about these small but vital engine parts. Knowing more about their operation, maintenance and replacement is one key to making sure your engine runs well....

19 Dec 2020 66 RYDW
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RonYu tells you why wheel bearings are important

Wheel bearings are designed to make wheels spin more efficiently, but they can also become annoying over long distances when they decide to fail.So this is where things can go wrong and how do you fix them....

14 Dec 2020 67 RYDW
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Why maintain hub assemblies and wheel bearings?

First, there are two things to understand about this process.Before about 1997, most vehicles were equipped with inner and outer wheel bearings, both of which needed to be replaced.Front-wheel-drive vehicles often have sealed wheel bearing...

14 Dec 2020 144 RYDW
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Under what circumstances does the car need to replace the control arm?

The independent suspension of a car consists of many different components.If any of these components are accidentally bent or wear out from use, the suspension may not perform as normally.The control arm is one of the components that connect...

14 Dec 2020 158 RYDW
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How to replace the control arm and bushing in a family car ?

You will need to start by removing the wheel and jacking the car up while supporting it on jack stands. Also wear protective eyewear and gloves....

14 Dec 2020 183 RYDW
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What do you know about car shock absorbers?

The modern vehicle is truly a thing of wonder. With so many moving parts and synchronizing motions, it is incredible to watch and hear it all lead to forward motion. The way a car operates is one thing we sometimes take for granted because...

14 Dec 2020 185 RYDW
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How is the ignition coil diagnosed and tested

Ignition coils provide the high voltage needed by the ignition system to fire the spark plugs. Most engines that have a distributor ignition system have a single coil, but a few import applications have two coils. On distributorless ignitio...

14 Dec 2020 109 RYDW
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How to maintain a car: Ignition coil

How do I know if the ignition coil needs to be replaced? The most common symptom of ignition coil failure is ignition failure, when one or more cylinders in the engine fail to ignite properly due to lack of air, fuel or, in this case, spark...

14 Dec 2020 97 RYDW
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Fault diagnosis and analysis of engine ignition system

Under what circumstances can the ignition system fail? When the following situation occurs in the vehicle, it is likely that the ignition system fails. Start the difficult The main performance is difficult at the beginning, normal idle spee...

11 Dec 2020 150 RYDW
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Ignition system is a common fault,ignition system maintenance matters needing attention

Car ignition system is the ignition engine in order to work normally, according to the ignition order of each cylinder, regularly supply spark plug with high enough energy of high voltage (about 15000 ~ 30000V), so that the spark plug produc...

11 Dec 2020 165 RYDW
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