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14 steps to complete the car braking task

Study the braking system of the vehicle
We've all heard the phrase "finish the brake job."But what does a complete brake job involve?Are you buying new brake pads?Or to replace the rotor?When you understand the steps in this common maintenance work, you can better understand and talk to your mechanic.
When you send your vehicle to a reputable mechanic for braking, the first important step is to thoroughly check the braking system of the vehicle.
icon-1Replace all hoses that have broken, worn, expanded or leaked

icon-2Replace bent, twisted, severely corroded or damaged wire

icon-3Rebuild or replace a leaking caliper or wheel cylinder

icon-4If the caliper piston or guide pin gets stuck, replace the calipers (look for uneven lining wear)

icon-5Check the master cylinder for air leaks or brake pedal sinks on the floor

icon-6Inspect the rotor and drum for wear, heat cracks, warping, rust or other damage;If there is any irreparable damage, please replace it

icon-7Replace brake hardware when replacing brake pads or shoes

icon-8Replace the shoe clip and reset the spring on the drum brake

icon-9If the automatic regulator is corroded or frozen, replace it

icon-10Wheel bearings on most rear wheel drive vehicles and some front wheel drive vehicles

icon-11Lubricate key areas such as insole and brake clamp sliders with high temperature brake lubricant

icon-12Check brake fluid, flush brake fluid, and drain all lines as needed

icon-13Check and then adjust the parking brake

icon-14Resolve any ABS system fault code or replace any faulty components, such as wheel speed sensors, accumulators or hydraulic regulators

Once your mechanic has completed these steps and returned the vehicle to you, you can rest assured that your braking system is working optimally.When you press the brake pedal, your car will stop as you expect.

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