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How to tell if the brake drum is broken?

The safety of the vehicle depends on the brakes.Drum breakage or damage should be resolved as soon as possible.If your car has trouble braking, stop driving and tow it to the garage.
This is some sign that your brake drum is broken:
Noise: As the friction material wears away from the brake shoe, its metal lining will begin to enter the brake drum.This can cause metal scratching or grinding noise.
Low brake pedal: Excessive clearance between brake shoe and brake drum may result in low brake pedal.This problem can usually be corrected by cleaning and adjusting the brake, but may indicate a brake fluid leak or master cylinder damage.
Brake pedal spongy: when the drum break or wear, will lead to brake pedal spongy.However, spongy brakes are most often caused by air in the brake line.
Brake pedal beat: the non-round brake drum will not keep in contact with the shoe.Instead, the shoe bounces up and down, causing the brake pedal to jump.
Parking brakes do not hold: in some extreme cases, drums may not come into contact with shoes if they are worn thin enough.As a result, parking brakes will not be maintained.Signs of parking brake failure include a loud crack while putting the vehicle into gear after stopping on a ramp (if there is an automatic gearbox), or the parking brake lever or pedal being set too easily or failing to return once released.

How to tell if the brake drum is broken?
How to fix the problem
The brake drum should be thoroughly checked before any time and money is spent replacing it.A drum that is too thin will break and break when it gets too hot, otherwise the material will glaze, reducing friction.
In some cases, it may be possible to resurface the faulty drum, or cleaning and adjusting the brakes can solve the problem.
Measuring the inner diameter of the drum and comparing it with the manufacturer's specification will determine whether the T can be reused.The drum is worn out and needs replacing.
Whenever the drum is replaced or the drum is repainted, the brake shoes should always be replaced so that they have the same way of wear.Since shoes are held in place by a series of small springs, the replacement can be tedious and is best done by a professional.

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