Knowledge Of Auto engine parts

What a car air filter is and how it works.

Automobile air filter is to remove particulate impurities in the air in the car, automobile air conditioning filter can effectively reduce pollutants through the heating ventilation and air conditioning system into the car, prevent the inhal...

16 Feb 2022 119 RYDW
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Is it necessary to clean the engine compartment?

Is it necessary to wash the engine compartment when its dirty?I believe there are many owners will be more confused to regular cleaning?Can the engine compartment be flushed?Lets take a look. There Is No Need To Clean Engine Compartment By S...

15 Feb 2022 153 RYDW
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Common faults of automobile sensors and their detection methods?(2)

Camshaft Position Sensor Camshaft Position Sensor Position Camshaft position sensor is generally installed in the front or rear end of the camshaft.Special detection of a cylinder top dead center position. Camshaft Position Sensor Fault Per...

14 Feb 2022 184 RYDW
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Common faults of automobile sensors and their detection methods?(1)

Each car has more than 100 sensors, mainly used for control (engine electronic control system) and measurement (instrument and indicator light display system), is a super popular repair project in the garage, a technician can master this ski...

14 Feb 2022 181 RYDW
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Automotive carburetor working system and maintenance and breakdown.

Work System Review Such a simple carburetor can not meet the requirements of the mixture composition of internal combustion engines in various working conditions.Therefore, the carburetor used in general internal combustion engine, especial...

10 Feb 2022 82 RYDW
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What does a carburetor do for an engine?

Carburetor is a mechanical device that mixes a certain proportion of gasoline and air under the vacuum created by the engine.Carburetor as a precise mechanical device, it uses the kinetic energy of the inhaled air flow to achieve gasoline at...

10 Feb 2022 144 RYDW
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What is the use of an oil pan for a car engine?

The oil sump is the lower half of the crankcase, also known as the lower crankcase.The function is to close the crankcase as the shell of the oil storage tank, prevent impurities from entering, and collect and store the lubricating oil flowi...

14 Jan 2022 78 RYDW
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What if the air flow sensor fails? How to repair.

Maintenance Essentials Of Air Flow Sensor The air flow signal is one of the main signals used by the engine ECU to control the concentration of the mixture. If the amount of air intake increases, the ECU controls the amount of fuel injectio...

14 Jan 2022 141 RYDW
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Are air flow sensors important for car engines? Why.

Air flow sensor, also known as air flow meter, is one of the important sensors of efI engine.It will be inhaled air flow into electrical signals sent to the electronic control unit (ECU), as one of the basic signals to determine the fuel inj...

13 Jan 2022 113 RYDW
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Do you know what the engine rack does?

What does the engine bracket do Keep engine and gearbox fixed and smooth. The engine bracket is used to hold the engine in place, so when it goes wrong, it cannot be fixed firmly.So, when the engine is running, there will certainly be a jit...

11 Jan 2022 129 RYDW
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