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Genuine Korea Auto Spare Parts Clutch Cover Kit 96325011

Genuine Korea Auto Spare Parts Clutch Cover Kit 96325011

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: 96325011
  • Car Model: Daewoo Matiz

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  • Every RYDW Product Is 100 Percent Functionally Tested To Meet OEM Performance Specifications. 

  • Each Component Is Engineered And Manufactured For Flawless Performance. 

  • Each Application Is Developed To Provide You With The Right Amount Of Clamp Load, Friction, Durability And Ease Of Use. 

  • Clutch Pressure Plate Structure: 

  • There Are Friction Plates On The Clutch Pressure Disc, Just Like The Brake Plate On The Wheel, Which Is Made Of Very Wear-Resistant Asbestos And Copper Wire.  

  • The Friction Plate Also Has The Minimum Thickness Allowed.  

  • After The Long Mileage, The Friction Plate On The Pressure Plate Should Also Be Replaced. 

  • The Original Friction Disc Replacement Can Be Bought To Spare Parts Replacement, Are To Buy The Pressure Disc Assembly, Do Not Need To Change The Friction Disc, Directly Change The Clutch Pressure Disc Can Be. 

  • To Reduce The Loss Of The Clutch Pads, There Is The Correct Way To Use The Clutch Pedal. 

  • Just Don't Half-Press The Clutch Pedal. This Clutch Sheet Is In Semi-Clutch, That Is, The Frisbee And The Pressure Disc Is In The State Of Friction. 

  • If The Clutch Pedal Is Completely Pressed, The Flywheel And The Clutch Pressure Disc Are Completely Cut Open, And There Is No Friction Between The Two. 

  • If The Clutch Pedal Is Fully Lifted, Then The Flywheel And The Clutch Pressure Disc Are Fully Combined, Although There Is Also Friction, But It Is Basically No Friction. 

  • So The Clutch Pedal Cannot Hit Half The State. 

  • Clutch Disc Brake: 

  • A Friction Clutch (Friction Clutch) Is Widely Used. 

  • The Torque Emitted By The Engine Is Transmitted To The Slave Disc Through The Friction Between The Flywheel And The Pressure Disc And The Contact Surface Of The Slave Disc. 

  • When The Driver Steps On The Clutch Pedal, The Large End Of The Diaphragm Spring Drives The Pressure Disc Back Through The Transmission Of The Machine, And The Slave Part Is Separated From The Active Part. 

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