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Quality Korea Auto Spare Parts Clutch assembly Kit 41100-59800

Quality Korea Auto Spare Parts Clutch assembly Kit 41100-59800

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: 41100-59800
  • Car Model: Hyundai Accent

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  • The clutch is located in the flywheel housing between the engine and the gearbox. The clutch assembly is fixed on the rear plane of the flywheel with screws. The output shaft of the clutch is the input shaft of the gearbox.In the process of driving the car, the driver can step down or release the clutch pedal according to the need, so that the engine and the gearbox temporarily separated and gradually engaged, to cut off or transfer the engine to the transmission input power.Clutch is a common part in mechanical transmission, which can be separated or engaged at any time.The basic requirements are: smooth joint, rapid and thorough separation;Convenient adjustment and repair;Small outer dimension;The quality of small;Good wear resistance and sufficient heat dissipation capacity;It is easy to operate and labor-saving. It is commonly divided into two types: tooth embedded type and friction type.
  • Clutch, commonly known as Hong Kong to the son, and this is from English Clutch, Taiwan's words are often from seed or Japanese ク ラ ッ チ said, is to put the car or other machinery engine power to switch the device that is passed on to the axle.
  • The clutch is installed between the engine and the gearbox, which is directly connected with the engine in the automobile transmission system.The clutch is usually installed together with the flywheel of the engine crankshaft. It is the part that cuts off and transfers power between the engine and the automobile driveline.During the whole process of the car from starting to normal driving, the driver can operate the clutch according to the need to temporarily separate or gradually engage the engine and the transmission system, so as to cut off or transfer the power output from the engine to the transmission system.Its role is to make the engine and transmission can be gradually engaged, so as to ensure the smooth start of the car;Temporarily cut off the connection between the engine and the transmission in order to facilitate shifting and reduce the impact of shifting;When the car emergency braking can play a role of separation, prevent transmission and other transmission system overload, so as to play a certain role in protection.
  • Clutch is similar to a switch, engaging or breaking off the power transfer effect, the active part of the clutch mechanism and the driven part can be temporarily separated, but also can be gradually engaged, and in the transmission process may also be relatively rotating.The driving part and the follower of the clutch shall not be rigidly connected.Every type of car has a clutch, just in a different form.

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