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Hyundai Accent Auto Drive System Release Bearing OEM 41420-2D000

Hyundai Accent Auto Drive System Release Bearing OEM 41420-2D000

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: 41420-2D000
  • Car Model: Release Bearing

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Car Fitment Model Year
Hyundai Accent 2010-2011

Clutch separation bearing is a more important part of the car, if the maintenance is not good failure, not only will cause economic losses, and disassembly and assembly is quite troublesome, need to spend a lot of man-hours.Therefore, to make clear the cause of clutch separation bearing failure, and reasonable maintenance and maintenance in use, to extend the life of separation bearing, improve labor productivity, to obtain better economic benefits are of great significance.

Clutch separation bearing movement should be flexible, no sharp sound or stuck phenomenon, its axial clearance shall not exceed 0.60mm, inner seat ring wear shall not exceed 0.30mm.

The fault
If the clutch separation bearing does not meet the above requirements, it is regarded as a failure.After the failure, it is first necessary to determine which phenomenon belongs to the separation bearing damage.Gently step on the clutch pedal after the engine starts. When the free travel is just eliminated, the "rustle" or "squeak" sound appears, continue to step on the clutch pedal. If the sound disappears, it is not a problem with the separation bearing.
When checking, you can remove the clutch bottom cover, and then step on a little accelerator pedal, slightly increase the engine speed.If the sound increases, you can observe whether there are sparks.If there is a spark, it means that the clutch separation bearing is damaged.If the Mars is a burst out of shape, it means that the separation bearing ball is broken.If there is no spark, but there is a sound of metal breaking, indicating excessive wear.

Damage reason
The damage of clutch separation bearing is closely related to the operation, maintenance and adjustment of the driver. The reasons for the damage are as follows:
1.Excessive working temperature causes overheating
Many drivers in the turn or deceleration, often half the clutch, some gear back foot is still on the clutch pedal;Some vehicles free stroke adjustment is too large, to separate the clutch is not completely, in joint and separation condition, the dry friction caused by the state of this and produce a large amount of heat transfer to the release bearing, bearing is heated to a certain temperature, melt the butter or dilute flow, make the separation bearing temperature rise further, when the temperature reaches a certain extent it burn out.
2.wear due to lack of lubricating oil
The clutch separation bearing is lubricated with butter. There are two ways to add butter. For 360111 separation bearing, the back cover of the bearing should be opened and filled with grease during maintenance or when the transmission is removed, and then the back cover can be reinstalled.For the 788611K separation bearing, it can be disassembled and immersed in melted grease, and removed after cooling to achieve the purpose of lubrication.In the actual work, the driver is easy to ignore this point, resulting in the clutch separation bearing lack of oil.In the case of no lubrication or less lubrication, the wear of the separation bearing is often several times to dozens of times of the wear after lubrication.With increased wear and tear, the temperature will be greatly raised and it will be more likely to be damaged.
3.too small free travel or too many load times
According to the requirements, the clearance between the general clutch separation bearing and the separation lever is more appropriate for 2.5mm, which is reflected in the clutch pedal free travel of 30-40mm. The free travel is too small or no free travel at all, which will make the separation lever and the separation bearing in a state of constant engagement.According to the principle of fatigue damage, the longer the bearing working time, the more serious the damage;The more times the bearing is loaded, the more likely the separation bearing is to produce fatigue failure.And the longer the working time, the higher the temperature of the bearing, the easier it is to burn out, which reduces the service life of the separation bearing.
4.In addition to the above three reasons, whether the separation lever is adjusted smoothly and whether the return spring of the separation bearing is good also has a great influence on the damage of the separation bearing.

Use attention
1.According to the operation regulations, avoid the semi-engaging and semi-separating state of the clutch and reduce the number of clutch use.
2.Pay attention to maintenance. During regular or annual inspection and maintenance, soak the butter with cooking method to make it fully lubricated.
3.Attention should be paid to leveling the clutch separation lever to ensure that the elasticity of the return spring meets the requirements.
4.Adjust the free stroke to make it meet the requirements (30-40mm) to prevent the free stroke from being too large or too small.
5.Minimize the number of engagement and separation and reduce the impact load.
6.Tread lightly and easily to make it smoothly engaged and separated.

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