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Brand New America Auto Spare Parts Clutch Plate 24271356

Brand New America Auto Spare Parts Clutch Plate 24271356

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: 24271356
  • Car Model: GM

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  • Every Product Is 100 Percent Functionally Tested To Meet OEM Performance Specifications.

  • As An Original-Equipment Supplier Develops The Performance Specifications For Individual Vehicle Applications.

  • Each Component Is Engineered And Manufactured For Flawless Performance.

  • Clutch Is With The Help Of Two Smooth Surface Of The Clutch Friction Plate, Through Axial Compression And Release To Transmit Power Of a Mechanism.The Greater The Axial Pressure Of Its Two Clutch Plates Is, The Greater The Friction Will Be, And The More Stable And Normal The Operation Will Be Transmitted To The Extruder.

  • In Normal Operation Generally Show That The Machine Runs Smoothly, No Noise;In The Rated Load Clutch Disc Will Not Slip, Not Stuck, Not Free;At The Same Time, After The Clutch Plate Is Separated, It Should Also Be Separated Completely So That The Brick Machine Stops Running, And There Will Be No Other Noise Or Two Clutch Plates Are Not Completely Separated.Therefore, It Is Necessary To Adjust The Clutch Disc Clearance In The Clutch, The Clearance Will Lead To The Clutch Disc Slip, Damage The Clutch Disc, The Clearance Is Small And Will Make The Clutch Disc Is Not Easy To Separate.

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