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Brand New Japan Auto Spare Parts Tie Rod End Kit 45046-09281

Brand New Japan Auto Spare Parts Tie Rod End Kit 45046-09281

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: 45046-09281
  • Car Model: Toyota Vigo 4Wd

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  • Loose Or Worn Chassis Parts Can Lead To Premature Tire Wear.

  • Exclusive Cover Plate Protects Against Debris Leaking Into The Bearing Surface.

  • Greaseable Socket Design Allows New Lubricant To Flush Debris From The Assembly, Inhibiting Corrosion And Wear.

  • Cover Plate Design Allows For Tighter Tolerances Vs Traditional Designs For a More Durable Part.

  • Metal Gusher Bearing Design Enables Grease To Flow Through Bearing To Stud For Lower Friction And Enhanced Strength.

  • Ball Studs Are Heat Treated To Match Or Exceed OE Requirements To Inhibit Premature Failure And Improve Fatigue Strength.

  • Pressed-In Cover Plate (Where Applicable) Seals Out Debris And Minimizes Looseness, Reducing Bearing Wear And Promoting Longer Life.

  • Greasable Socket Reduces Corrosion And Wear By Allowing New Lubricant To Flush Contaminants (Where Applicable).

  • Gusher Bearing Metal-To-Metal Design Provides Strength And Allows Grease To Flow Through Bearing Surface For Reduced Friction And Long Life (Where Applicable).

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