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Genuine Germany Auto Spare Parts Gears Teering Rack OEM 1H1422055

Genuine Germany Auto Spare Parts Gears Teering Rack OEM 1H1422055

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: 1H1422055
  • Car Model: Volkswagen

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  • Function Of The Assembly,The Assembly Can Reduce The Rotational Speed Of The Steering Shaft And Rotate The Steering Rocker Shaft Which Causing The Rocker Arm To Swing To Obtain The Required Displacement At The End, Or Convert The Rotation Of The Driving Gear Connected With The Steering Shaft Into Linear Motion Of The Rack And Pinion To Achieve The Required Displacement. 

  • Feature Of The Assembly,Steering Rack And Pinion Assemblies Gained Hydraulic Assistance And Were Making It Easier For Drivers To Control Their Vehicles At Both Low And High Speeds. 

  • No Longer Do You Have To Turn Your Steering Wheel 4 Times In One Direction Just To Fit Into a Parking Space. 

  • Long Service Life,Excellent Production And Testing Equipment To Ensure High Quality Products. 

  • Widely Applicable To Meet The Needs Of Most Models. 

  • Why Replace,A New Steering Gear Can Reduce Your Steering Effort And Make Your Driving Experience More Comfortable.  

  • When The Driver Turns The Steering Wheel From Side To Side, The Column Will Turn The Pinion, Thereby Driving The Rack To The Left And Right, Reducing The Driver’s Effort When Turning. 

  • Both Ends Of The Steering Rack Are Rubber-Coated Plastic Bellows,Which Are Fixed On The Rack Body And The Moving Parts Of The Rack To Prevent Dirt From Entering The Rack And Pinion Unit. 

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