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RYDW Auto Spare Parts Car Control Arm For Chevrolet aveo OEM 95017035

RYDW Auto Spare Parts Car Control Arm For Chevrolet aveo OEM 95017035

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: 95017035
  • Car Model: Chevrolet aveo

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What are control arms?
Control arms control the motion of the wheels so they’re in line with the car’s body.
Cars typically have two to four control arms, depending on whether the vehicle’s suspension system has struts or shocks. Many of today’s cars only have control arms in the front suspension.
Some vehicles have upper and lower controls arms, although auto experts say most cars today only come only with lower ones because of the way the strut assembly is designed.
Cars with upper and lower control arms are called a double wishbone suspension, in which the arms work parallel to each other.

Signs control arms are wearing down
Like any car component, over time, control arms wear down and need to be replaced.  many control arm assemblies wear down every 90,000 to 100,000 miles.
Control arms can bend or break when driving over large potholes or bumps, while brushings can also wear out on their own.

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