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Genuine RONYU Auto Spare Parts Spark Plug Kit 94837756

Genuine RONYU Auto Spare Parts Spark Plug Kit 94837756

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: 94837756,96503395,96476119,94837756,96307729,27410-23700,18814-11051 ,09482-00450-000
  • Car Model: Chevrolet,Ford,Toyota,Jeep,Dodge,Hyundai,Benz,Chery

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  • The Spark Plug Is An Important Component In The Ignition System Of Gasoline Engines. 

  • It Can Lead High Voltage Electricity Into The Combustion Chamber And Cause It To Skip The Electrode Gap To Generate Sparks, Thus Igniting The Combustible Mixture In The Cylinder.

  • It Is Mainly Composed Of Connection Nut, Insulator, Connection Screw, Center Electrode, Side Electrode And Housing, And The Side Electrode Is Welded To The Housing.

  • Structure Introduced:

  • (1).Steel Case: The Lower Part Of The Steel Case Is Fine Thread, Which Is Used For Fitting With The Spark Plug Hole Of The Cylinder Head, And The Upper Part Has Outer Hexagon Nut, Which Is Used For Fitting The Spark Plug Sleeve To Tighten Or Unscrew The Spark Plug.

  • (2).The Metal Rod Is The Central Electrode.The Lower End Of The Metal Rod Is In Contact With The Upper End Of The Center Electrode Through a Conductive Vitreous Body, And The Upper End Of The Metal Rod Is Equipped With a Wiring Nut.

  • (3).There Is a High Alumina Ceramic Insulator Between The Steel Shell And The Central Electrode, Which Insulates The Central Electrode When It Is Energized.

  • (4).The Lowest Part Of The Steel Shell Is Equipped With Curved Side Electrode.

  • (5).The Steel Shell Outside The Middle Of The Copper Washer.

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