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Genuine Japan Auto Spare Parts Spark Plug Kit 90919-01192

Genuine Japan Auto Spare Parts Spark Plug Kit 90919-01192

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: 90919-01192
  • Car Model: Toyota

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  • According To The Calorific Value Height To Divide, Have Cold Type And Hot Type;According To The Electrode Materials, There Are Nickel Alloy, Silver Alloy And Platinum Alloy. If More Professional, There Are Generally The Following Types Of Spark Plugs:

  • 1. Quasi-Type Spark Plug: The Insulator Skirt Is Slightly Retracted Into The End Face Of The Shell. The Side Electrode Is The Most Widely Used One Except The End Face Of The Shell.

  • 2. Edge Protruding Spark Plug: The Insulator Skirt Is Longer And Protruding Beyond The End Face Of The Shell.It Has The Advantages Of Large Heat Absorption, Good Anti-Fouling Ability, And Can Be Directly By The Cooling Of The Intake Air And Reduce The Temperature, So It Is Not Easy To Cause Hot Ignition, So The Thermal Adaptation Range Is Wide.

  • 3. Electrode Spark Plug: Its Electrode Is Very Thin, Characterized By a Strong Spark, Good Ignition Ability, In The Cold Season Can Also Ensure The Rapid And Reliable Start Of The Engine, The Heat Range Is Wider, Can Meet a Variety Of Purposes.

  • 4. Seat Type Spark Plug: The Housing And Screw Thread Made Of Conical, So No Gasket Can Keep Good Seal, Thus Reducing The Spark Plug Volume, More Advantageous To The Design Of The Engine.

  • 5. Pole Spark Plug: The Side Electrode Is Generally Two Or More, The Advantage Is Reliable Ignition, Clearance Does Not Need To Be Adjusted Often, So In The Electrode Easy Ablation And Spark Plug Clearance Can Not Often Adjust Some Gasoline Machine Is Often Used.

  • 6. The Surface Jumping Spark Plug: That Is, Along The Surface Clearance Type, It Is a Kind Of The Coolest Spark Plug, The Clearance Between The Central Electrode And The End Face Of The Shell Is Concentric.

  • 7. Standard And Protruding Spark Plugs:

  • Standard Type Spark Plug Is a Single Side Electrode Spark Plug With The End Of Insulator Skirt Slightly Lower Than The End Of Shell Thread. It Adopts The Traditional Ignition End Structure With The Most Widely Used Side Valve Engine. To Distinguish It From The Later Protruding Type, The Structure Was Called The Standard Type.

  • The Salient Spark Cold Was Originally Designed For Use With Overhead Valve Engines.Its Insulator Skirt Protrudes The Threaded End Of The Shell Into The Combustion Chamber. Absorbs More Heat In The Combustion Mixture, Has a Higher Working Temperature At Resting Rate, Avoids Fouling;At High Speed, Because The Valve Is Set At The Top, The Air Inhaled Is Aligned With The Insulator Skirt And Cooled, So That The Maximum Temperature Is Not Increased Much, So That The Heat Range Is Large. Protruding Spark Plugs Are Not Suitable For Side-Mounted Valve Engines Because The Inlet Has Many Bends And The Airflow Has Little Cooling Effect On The Insulator Skirt.

  • 8. Single-Pole And Multi-Pole Spark Plugs:

  • The Traditional Single Electrode Spark Plug Has An Obvious Defect, That Is, The Side Electrode Covers The Center Electrode.When The High Voltage Discharge Occurs Between The Two Poles, The Mixture In The Spark Gap Will Absorb The Heat Of The Spark And Be Activated By Ionization To Form a "Fire Core".The Place That Fire Core Forms Is Close To Side Electrode Commonly, The Heat Will Be Absorbed By Side Electrode More, Namely The "Flame Elimination Effect" Of Electrode, It Reduces Spark Energy, Reduces Jump Fire Performance.

  • Thus, In The 1920s, Came The Three-Sided Polar Spark Plug.Compared With The Single Pole, Many Side Of The Spark Gap By Multiple Side Of The Electrode Section (Rushed Into a Round Hole) And The Center Of Cylinder Electrode, The Type Of This Kind Of Set Of Spark Gap To Eliminate The Disadvantages Of Side Electrode Covering The Center Electrode, Increased The Spark Of The "Accessibility", Spark Energy Is Larger, Easier To Deep Inside The Cylinder, Helps To Improve Mixture Combustion And Reducing Emissions. The Service Life Is Prolonged And The Reliability Of Ignition Is Improved, Because The Multipole Provides Several Jump Fire Channels. It Must Be Pointed Out Here That The Moment Of Discharge Can Only Be a Channel Jump Fire, It Is Impossible To Jump Fire On Multiple Poles At The Same Time. The Discharge Process Of High-Speed Photography Proves This.

  • The Suffix Letters (After Calorific Value) d, j And q In The Models Of Domestic Spark Plugs Respectively Represent The Two, Three And Four Poles.

  • 9. Nickel Base Alloy And Copper Electrode Spark Plug:

  • The Most Basic Requirements For Electrodes To Be Inserted Into The Combustion Chamber Are Ablative (Electrical And Chemical) Resistance And Good Thermal Conductivity.With The Development Of Material Science And Technology, Electrode Materials Have Experienced The Evolution Process Of Iron, Nickel, Nickel-Based Alloy, Nickel-Copper Composite And Precious Metal. The Most Common Alloys Used Today Are Nickel Based Alloys.In General, Pure Metals Have Better Thermal Conductivity Than Alloys, But Pure Metals (Such As Nickel) Are More Sensitive Than Alloys To The Chemical Reaction Of Combustion Gases And The Solid Deposits They Form. Therefore, The Electrode Material Uses Nickel Base To Add Chromium, Manganese, Silicon And Other Elements, Chromium To Improve The Resistance To Electrical Corrosion, Manganese And Silicon To Improve The Resistance To Chemical Corrosion, Especially To The Very Harmful Sulfur Oxide Corrosion Resistance.

  • 10. Ordinary And Resistive Spark Plugs:

  • As a Spark Discharge Generator, Spark Plug Is a Wideband Continuous Electromagnetic Radiation Interference Source.In Order To Restrain The Strong Interference Of Electromagnetic Radiation Caused By Jumping Fire To Radio Field, Protect Radio Communication And Prevent Misoperation Of Vehicle Electronic Device, Countries In The World Have Accelerated The Development Of Resistive Spark Plug Since The 1960s.China Has Also Issued a Series Of Mandatory National Standards For Electromagnetic Compatibility, Which Strictly Limit The Radio Interference Characteristics Of Vehicle Devices Driven By Spark Plug Ignition Engines. As a Result, The Demand For Resistance-Type Spark Plugs Has Also Increased Greatly. The Resistance Type Spark Plug Is Not Significantly Different From The Ordinary Type In Structure, Only The Conductor Sealant In The Insulation Body Is Changed To The Resistance Sealant.

  • We Are The Supplier Of Spark Plugs For Auto Parts Ignition System In China - RYDW.

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