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RYDW Brand Auto Spare Parts spark plug 09482-00450-000 For Daewoo Damas

RYDW Brand Auto Spare Parts spark plug 09482-00450-000 For Daewoo Damas

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: 09482-00450-000
  • Car Model: Daewoo Damas

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The spark plug is an important component in the ignition system of gasoline engines. It can lead high voltage electricity into the combustion chamber and cause it to skip the electrode gap to generate sparks, thus igniting the combustible mixture in the cylinder.It is mainly composed of connection nut, insulator, connection screw, center electrode, side electrode and housing, and the side electrode is welded to the housing.

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auto spare parts spark plug

Clearance requirements:
The gap between spark plug electrodes has a great impact on the work of spark plug. If the gap is too small, the spark is weak and electricity leakage is easy to occur due to carbon deposition.The gap is too large, the required breakdown voltage increases, the engine is not easy to start, and at high speed is prone to "lack of fire" phenomenon, so the spark plug gap should be appropriate, the spark plug gap used in the general battery ignition system is 0.7 ~ 0.8mm, individual spark plug gap can reach more than 1.0mm.

Temperature requirements:
The spark plug insulator skirt (refers to the taper part of the insulator outside the spark plug center electrode) directly contacts with the high temperature gas in the combustion chamber and absorbs a large amount of heat, which is transmitted to the cylinder cover and the atmosphere respectively through the shell.The experiment shows that to ensure the normal operation of the automobile engine, the spark plug insulator skirt should be kept at a temperature of 500 ~ 600℃ (this temperature is called the self-cleaning temperature of the spark plug). If the temperature is lower than this value, carbon deposition will form in the insulator skirt and cause electric leakage between electrodes, which will affect the spark plug jump fire.If the temperature of the insulator is too high (more than 900℃), when the mixture comes into contact with such a hot insulator, hot ignition will occur, resulting in premature ignition of the engine.The normal working temperature of the spark plug is between 450 ~ 870℃.The spark plugs are now yellowish brown.If the working temperature of the spark plug is lower than 450℃ for a long time, there will be a lot of carbon accumulation around the spark plug, the spark plug is black.

The performance requirements:
The main requirements of spark plugs are thermal properties, tensile strength, heat resistance, electrical conductivity, insulation strength, sealing, corrosion resistance.
The spark plug must be heat-resistant. Put the plug into a crucible or muff furnace heated to 700℃ for 10min and then cool it in the air. There should be no cracking or seed cracking on the surface of the insulator.
Spark plug sealing performance requirements: after the heat resistance test, when the air pressure difference is 1MPa, the air leakage is not allowed to exceed 40cm3 per minute (if the conductor sealing material is used in the central electrode adhesive installation, the air leakage is not allowed to exceed 5cm2 per minute).
The spark-Zhai insulator assembly shall be able to withstand a test with a power frequency (50Hz) voltage of 2200vV(effective value), lasting for 30s.
Materials: The electrical conductivity of the center and side electrodes of the spark plug depends on how the electrodes come into contact with the mixture, so the electrodes are highly resistant to corrosion.At the same time, the combustion temperature is very high, the electrode material to the heat resistance requirement is high.Therefore, many spark plugs are made of ni-Mn alloy.In order to improve the heat resistance, some spark plugs use nickel coated copper material.Copper gasket in addition to thermal conductivity, also plays a sealing role.The insulator is made of high alumina ceramics.

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