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Brand New Japan Auto Spare Parts Air Flow Sensor Kit 8973123950

Brand New Japan Auto Spare Parts Air Flow Sensor Kit 8973123950

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: 8973123950
  • Car Model: Isuzu

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  • RYDW Air Flow Sensor Precisely Measure Airflow Entering The Engine And Communicate With The Ecu To Support Optimum Fuel Combustion.  

  • Our New Air Flow Sensors Are Engineered To Reduce Contamination And Withstand Vibration To Maximize Durability.  

  • All RYDW Air Flow Sensors Are Designed And Tested To Meet Or Exceed OEM Specifications At Our IATF16949 Manufacturing Facilities.  

  • Plus, All Our Engine Management Products Are Backed With Confidence Of a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  

  • Proprietary NTC Technology Designed To Match OE Resistance Ensuring The Most Precise Signal To ECU, Resulting In Optimal Fuel/Air Mixture.  

  • 100% Thermal Cycle And Sonic Nozzle Testing, Among Other Tests, Ensures Worry-Free Performance And Durability.  

  • Platinum Infused Hot Wire Sensor Minimizes Corrosion And Guarantees a Stable Reading.  

  • Features Double Wire Bonding Upgraded To Protect Against Issues Caused By Vibration.  

  • Mass Air Flow Meter Air Flow Sensor Measures The Volume And Density Of Air Entering The Engine, Providing Highly Accurate Airflow Readings To The Ecu Over a Wide Range Of Ambient Temperatures.  

  • Meets OEM Specifications, Easy To Install And Clean, Fast Response, High Durability. Please Feel Free To Contact Us If Any Problem.  

  • Notice,Please Clean Out The Air Box And Replace The Air Filter Before Installating This Mass Air Flow Sensor Meter, Or The Code And Check Engine Light May Keep Showing Even If You Replace a New Air Flow Sensor.  

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