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Brand New Korea Auto Spare Parts Oil Pump Kit 21310-23002

Brand New Korea Auto Spare Parts Oil Pump Kit 21310-23002

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: 21310-23002
  • Car Model: Hyundai Tucson Kia Sportage Elantra Cerato 2.0

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  • OEM Fit Premium Quality,Every RYDW Oil Pump Is Engineered And Assembled To The Highest Production Standards From High-Quality Materials. 

  • Every RYDW Oil Pump Is Individually Tested For Pressure And Flow Under Conditions Designed To Duplicate Actual Engine Operating Conditions. 

  • End Plates Are Precision Ground For Maximum Wear Resistance. 

  • Installation Tips,Most Oil Pump Sits Right At The Front Of The Engine And Is Driven By a Gear On The Crankshaft. 

  • You Need To Remove The Oil Pan Firstly And Then Replace The Bad Oil Pump From Underneath. 

  • You Could Also Ask Help For a Professional Mechanic. 

  • The Oil Pump Is a Highly Critical Part Of The Engine, It Sucks Oil Up From The Oil Pan And Forces It Around Oilways In The Engine, Before The Oil Drops Back Into The Sump And Is Recirculated. 

  • If An Oil Pump Stops Working It Will Lead To Expensive Engine Failure 100% Of The Time. 

  • That's One Reason Why The Oil Pump Is So Directly Driven From The Crankshaft. 

  • It Is Situated In The Oil Pan, Or More Usually At The Front Of The Engine.

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