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Quality Germany Auto Spare Parts Radiator Kit 1300269

Quality Germany Auto Spare Parts Radiator Kit 1300269

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: 1300269,13128925,13143570
  • Car Model: Opel Astra

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  • Maximum cooling efficiency.
  • No modifications required for proper fit.
  • Engineered to last.
  • Perfect fit guarantee.
  • Quality Standard:
  • Under the ISO 9001 quality framework implemented by a highly-trained workforce, this complete manufacturing assembly ensures that all our radiator models meet or exceed OE standards for fit, form, and function.
  • Installation Steps Summar:
  1. Always refer to the specific repair manual before service.
  2. Drain previous radiator; disconnect hoses and lines, then remove radiator.
  3. Place new radiator in the car and reconnect lines and fittings (torque to specification).
  4. Perform a complete flush of the cooling system to remove traces of old coolant.
  5. Fill the cooling system using 50/50 coolant/distilled water mix.

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