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Suspension elastic components maintenance and maintenance methods.

The elastic components used by the suspension are leaf spring, spiral spring, torsion bar spring, air spring, oil spring, rubber spring and so on. The following describes the maintenance and repair methods of two common elastic components.

1. Maintenance Of Leaf Springs

Leaf spring is an elastic connecting piece between automobile axle and frame (or carriage). It buffers and absorbs the shock and vibration energy in vehicle operation, and is an important damping device. Its technical status directly affects the smoothness of the vehicle, so it must be checked and maintained regularly.

(1) With intuitive inspection method inspection, if it is found that the leaf spring cracks, breaks and thickness is significantly thinner, it should be replaced.

(2) check whether the elasticity of leaf spring decreases and test the change of its bending degree. Loss of elasticity is represented by a decrease in bending. Recovery, should be first in the cold state using hammer method or special molding equipment shaping, to restore the flexure of the leaf spring, and then through appropriate normalizing, quenching and tempering treatment, restore its elasticity, and after heat treatment, the concave surface of the leaf spring shot peening treatment, in order to improve its fatigue strength.

(3) Check the wear of leaf spring pin and bushing. If the gap between the two is greater than 1mm, or the rubber bushing is damaged, it should be replaced with a new piece. (4) Check whether the riding bolt is deformed and whether the thread part is damaged. If damaged, it should be replaced.

(5) Check the lamination of each leaf spring after clamping. After the leaf spring is clamped, the length of the two adjacent pieces shall not exceed 1/4 of the short film, and the maximum gap shall not be greater than 1mm.

(6) Check whether the steel plate spring steel plate clamp is broken, rivet, etc., and replace it if necessary. When replacing the leaf spring, its length, width, thickness and arc height should meet the requirements.

2. Maintenance Of Spiral Springs

Check whether the shock absorber spiral spring is deformed, the free length of the spiral spring should be measured, if 5% less than the standard spring length, that is, the spiral spring has produced permanent deformation, stiffness becomes poor, must be replaced. At the same time, the two springs on the left and right sides should be replaced to maintain the same height on both sides of the vehicle. Spring if there is damage, crack or elastic decline, need to replace the new parts.

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