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Five common reasons your car won't start

Here is a look at five common causes of no-start problems:
Ignition switch fault
The ignition switch will create the electrical pathways needed to ignite the engine.Signs of ignition failure are difficulty turning keys over and meter lights flashing.
Bad Starter
If you're hearing a clicking sound while trying to get your car started, this could well mean that you have a bad starter. The starter motor and starter solenoid can fail due to standard wear and tear as you rack up the miles. If the starter isn't doing it's job, it won't be able to engage with the flywheel and spin it.
Alternator failure
The alternator charges your battery.If it fails, the battery will soon run out of juice and you won't be able to start.At any reputable auto shop, you can quickly fix this problem.

Five common reasons your car won't start
Dirty Fuel Injectors
If your fuel injectors are dirty, then your combustion chamber will not be able to receive sufficient amounts of gasoline to get your car started. This is a relatively common problem. One way you can help take care of this issue is by using an additive.
Defective fuel pump
A faulty fuel pump will prevent gasoline from moving from the tank to the engine and cause the car to fail to ignite.Pump failure can cause your car to feel like crap.It can also lead to irregular acceleration.

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