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Fault diagnosis and analysis of engine ignition system

Under what circumstances can the ignition system fail?
When the following situation occurs in the vehicle, it is likely that the ignition system fails.
Under what circumstances can the ignition system fail?

Start the difficult
The main performance is difficult at the beginning, normal idle speed, normal neutral refueling, occasionally at the beginning of the car, uphill start vehicle
Engine a fire
Engine fire is mainly manifested as the vehicle in idle speed and low speed trouble-free, high speed continuous driving after a period of time began to shake
The engine quivered when the car stopped
The main performance is the vehicle in front of the traffic lights when the engine opportunity to shake.Increase the engine speed and make the operation more stable.
Engine inability to accelerate
The main performance is the cold car start difficulty, after the start of the engine appears idle jitter, weak acceleration, fuel consumption increased significantly.
The engine won't start
The main performance is starting, starting machine rotation, but the engine can not start.
Break in while the vehicle is moving
The automatic transmission has a normal gear shift quality without gear shift impact, but the gear shift point is earlier than the normal car. The jitter sensation is of small amplitude and continuance. It starts to rush when the vehicle speed is 40km/h, and the most obvious phenomenon is when the vehicle speed is 60km/h.
The engine will not accelerate fast enough sometimes and will shut down automatically
The main performance is low speed (40 ~ 60km/h) in the running, sometimes the engine acceleration is weak, and sometimes it will automatically shut off.There was no abnormality during the high speed driving.Failure occurs when the engine is unable to accelerate and will stall suddenly.
The engine accelerated and stalled
Turn off the engine while driving, and the trouble light will light up.The main performance is that in the case of rapid acceleration, the engine shakes first, and the vehicle has a sense of setbacks, then the engine shuts off, and the observation instrument finds that the fault indicator lights up.You can't start the engine.But the car can still be turned off and restarted.
The engine suddenly failed to start
The main performance in the deceleration process of the dashboard warning lights suddenly all lit up, the vehicle shut off, restart the engine, no reaction.

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