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Maintenance and potential problems with car thermostats

The thermostat's rated temperature depends on the engine, and the specific temperature depends on the engine - not all thermostats are suitable.They suffer normal wear and tear.
Proper operation depends on the special wax, which expands with heat to open the spring valve.A worn thermostat may stick to the open position, causing the engine to run too cold.This is inefficient and can damage performance and fuel economy.
If the thermostat sticks to the off position, the engine can overheat quickly, potentially causing damage.
The thermostat does not have a dedicated maintenance program, but by maintaining the cooling system by changing coolant/antifreeze as planned, you can ensure that the coolant has sufficient corrosion inhibitors to protect the thermostat and other important system components.

Maintenance and potential problems with car thermostats
recommend replacing your car's thermostat when you flush or replace the coolant completely.Also, the thermostat usually wears out faster than the hose, so if you need to replace the fraying hose, replace the thermostat as well.
Of course, if the temperature warning light comes on, check the cooling system immediately.This could be a thermostat problem.If there is no hot air when the heater is turned on, the thermostat may also be the culprit.
Ultimately, your car thermostat is a relatively inexpensive part that can protect you from catastrophic engine damage.Follow the owner's manual instructions.

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