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Genuine Germany Auto Spare Parts Gears Teering Rack OEM 1J1422061

Genuine Germany Auto Spare Parts Gears Teering Rack OEM 1J1422061

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: 1J1422061
  • Car Model: Volkswagen

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  • Superior Performance,The Steering Rack Solves Abnormal Noise And Oil Leakage Problems, Ensures That The Steering Wheel Rotation Angle Is Proportional To The Tire Rotation Angle, And Reduces The Steering Wheel's Control Force When Turning, Which Makes Driving Safer. 

  • Dual-Function Available,There Are Two Functions This Power Steering Rack And Pinion Unit Can Provide. 

  • Firstly, It Is Able To Convert The Rotational Motion Of The Steering Wheel Into The Linear Motion Needed To Turn The Wheels. 

  • Secondly, This Unit Could Make a Gear Reduction, Thus Making It Easier To Turn The Wheels. 

  • High-Quality Material,This Vehicle Steering Rack Pinion Is Made Of Sturdy Steel And Aluminum Alloy With Anti-Wear And Scratch-Proof Quality. 

  • We Put Moderate Lubricating Oil Into This Assembly So That It Can Prevent Rust And Oxidation. 

  • Considerate Details,The Shafts Are Designed To Ensure a Tight Seal And Smooth Steering Operation. 

  • The Hydraulic Lines Are Fully Fluid Tested At High Pressure. And The Steel Clamps And Rubber Bellow Boots Improve Steering Efficiency. 

  • You Can Easily Install This Steering Rack Unit For Direct Replacement Of The Original One. 

  • Its Quality And Function Are Thoroughly Tested To Meet Oem Specifications Before Delivering It To You. 

  • It Adopts Premium Steel And Aluminum Alloy And Has Tested To Meet Or Exceed Oem Specifications. 

  • With Dual-Function And Thoughtful Details, The Machine Features No Abnormal Sound, No Oil Leakage, And Stable Steering To Be An Ideal Replacement For Your Loving Car. 

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