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Quality Japan Auto Spare Parts Spark Plug Kit K20PBR-S10

Quality Japan Auto Spare Parts Spark Plug Kit K20PBR-S10

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: K20PBR-S10
  • Car Model: Denso

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  • RYDW Spark Plugs Are Designed To Operate Over a Much Wider Heat Range Than Ordinary Plugs.

  • They Resist Carbon Buildup And Pre-Ignition. Each Features High Alumina Ceramics For Better Heat Transfer And Electrical Insulation.

  • A Patented Triple Gasket Sealing Process Eliminates The Possibility Of Combustion Gas Leakage, And a Longer Insulator Nose Prevents Fouling And Misfiring.

  • A Solid Copper Core And Its Nickel Tipped Electrode Provide a Longer Plus Life.

  • Offers Better Engine Idle Stability And Smoother Performance.

  • Allows For Smaller, More Efficient Electrode Designs For Improved Cold Starting And Quicker Acceleration.

  • Fine-Wire Electrode Helps Improve Ignition Of The Fuel And Burns Away Carbon Deposits On The Tip Of The Plug As They Form, To Help Improve Fuel Economy.

  • One Piece Suppressor Seal Blocks Radio Frequencies That Can Affect Vehicle Electronics.

  • Suppressor Seal Meters Spark Energy For Longer Electrode Life And Seals Against Combustion Leakage.

  • Visually Inspect Spark Plugs For Signs Of Wear. Follow These Steps For Removing Spark Plugs For Inspection, Servicing Or Replacement:

  • Grasp The Spark Plug Boot And Gently Rotate It 90 Degrees Counterclockwise. Pull The Spark Plug Boot And Cable Away From The Spark Plug. If Necessary, Use a Spark Plug Boot Removing Tool. Do Not Grab Or Violently Pull Spark Plug Cables.

  • Brush Or Air Blast Dirt Away From The Well Areas Before Removing Spark Plugs. Caution: Use Goggles To Protect Eyes From Debris When Applying Compressed Air To Spark Plug Wells.

  • Use The Correct Deep Socket Size To Loosen Each Spark Plug One Or Two Turns. Note: To Remove Spark Plugs From Aluminum Heads, Allow The Engine To Cool. The Heat Of The Engine, In Combination With a Spark Plug That Is Still Hot, May Cause The Spark Plug Threads To Strip The Cylinder Head Upon Removal.

  • Remove Each Spark Plug And Place Each One In a Tray By Cylinder Number. This Will Help Identify And Relate Any Unusual Condition To The Cylinder Involved.

  • Apply Dielectric Grease Into The Boot Area To Reduce The Chance Of Exterior Tracking On The Buttress Tower Of The Spark Plug. This Grease Also Promotes a Good Heat Transfer Between The Spark Terminal Screw And Boot Terminal.

  • Before Installing New Spark Plugs, Use a Gap Guide To Make Sure Your New Spark Plugs Have The Correct Gap.

  • Install Spark Plugs Or Glow Plugs To The Proper Torque Per The Manufacturer.

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