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Brand New Korea Auto Spare Parts Oil Filter Kit 26300-35503

Brand New Korea Auto Spare Parts Oil Filter Kit 26300-35503

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: 26300-35503
  • Car Model: Hyundai Todos

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  • Optimized To Filter Synthetic Oils.

  • Designed To Maintain Performance For The Longer Oil Change Intervals On Vehicle Engines Using Synthetic Oil.

  • Built To Provide Long-Lasting Engine Protection With 2x The Filtration Capacity Compared To Conventional Oil Filters.

  • Proven To Drive Up To 10, 000 Miles Between Oil Changes With Confidence.

  • Oil Filter Is Located In The Lubrication System In The Engine, It Stopped The From Entering Into Lubrication System To Reduce Engine Wear And Optimize Engine Performance.

  • Most Of Spin-On Oil Filters Have Both Anti-Drain Back Valves And Bypass Valves.

  • Equipped With 98% Multi-Pass Filtering Efficiency At 25-30 Microns For Excellent Filtering Capabilities.

  • Has a Cellulose Media That Traps Particles 1/3 The Width Of Human Hair To Help Ensure a Clean Supply Of Oil To Engine Components.

  • Has a Thermosetting Adhesive Seal To Hold Filtering Media In Place For Consistent, Dependable Filtration.

  • Equipped With Superior Filter Capacity, Enhanced Efficiency, Consistent Flow Management, And a High Durability Design To Provide Exceptional Filtering Performance.

  • Has a Burst-Strength Five Times Greater Than Most Engine Oil Operating Pressures After The Oil Reaches Operating Temperatures (As Long As The Normal Engine Oil Operating Pressure Is Not Greater Than 51psi), For Enhanced Durability.

  • Meets Application Coverage For 97% Of All Cars, Light Duty Trucks, And Sport Utility Vehicles, Both Foreign And Domestic, To Fit a Wide Range Of Vehicles.

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