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Genuine America And Korea Auto Spare Parts Brake Pads Kit S4510004

Genuine America And Korea Auto Spare Parts Brake Pads Kit S4510004

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: S4510004,96273708,S4510017,96281945
  • Car Model: Chevrolet,Daewoo

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  • RYDW Brake Pads Restores Like-New Braking Performance As Its OE Fit And Form Designs Deliver Consistent, Even Braking Throughout The Life Of The Pad. 

  • Featuring Application-Specific Deigns To Reduce Noise-Causing Vibration, RYDW Brake Pads Are Engineered For Consistent Braking Throughout The Life Of The Pad And Comes With Stainless-Steel Hardware And OE Style Lubricant For Most Applications. 

  • RYDW Dedicated Engineering To Platform Specific Semi-Met Materials, Ensuring Exceptional Stopping Power And Quiet Operation. 

  • Style Multi-Layer Shim Construction Provides Increased Strength And Insulation Against Noise. 

  • Signs Your Brake Pads Need Replacing: 

  • Taking Longer To Come To a Complete Stop Is An Obvious Sign That Your Brakes Are Losing Their Braking Power. 

  • However, There Are Other Indicators Of Brake Pad Wear. 

  • You May Feel Your Vehicle Pulling To One Side Or The Brake Pedal Pulsating Or Vibrating.Listen Closely When Hitting The Brake Pedal, Worn Brake Pads Can Make a Variety Of Sounds Including Rattling, Clicking, Grinding, Growling And Squeaking. 

  • How to Check Brake Pads for Wear: 

  • Inspect Your Brake Pads Without Removing The Tire By Looking Through The Holes In The Hubcap. 

  • Some Brake Pads Have a Wear Indicator Down The Center Of The Pad. 

  • If Your Pads Don’t Have That, Measure The Thickness; If It’s Less Than 1/4" It Might Be Time To Change Them. 

  • If You Can’t See The Brake Pads Through The Wheel Cover, You’Ll Have To Raise The Vehicle And Remove The Tire To Inspect The Brake Pad. 

  • Change In Pairs: 

  • When Replacing The Brake Pads, RYDW Recommends Changing The Rotors And Hardware To Maintain Optimal Braking Power As Changing Both Will Provide Even Braking. 

  • If You Install New Brake Pads But Keep The Old Rotors, Those Pads Will Only Properly. 

  • Don’t Compromise Your Vehicle’s Braking Power – Change The Brake Pads When Replacing The Rotors. 

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