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GM Original Equipment Engine Oil Filter

GM Original Equipment Engine Oil Filter

  • Manufacturer: RYDW
  • Brand: RYDW
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • OEM NO: 12593333,19303249,19355319...
  • Car Model: GM

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Features & Benefits:
High filtering efficiency media for maximum performance
Durable steel shell (where applicable)
Thermally bonded, non-metallic end caps
Nylon core
Combination relief and anti-drainback valve (where applicable)
Dual-flow concave baseplate (where applicable)
High lubricity gasket
Designed to meet or exceed engine requirements

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 0FE00419, 12593333, 19303249, 19355319, 25177917, 5650363, 71741042, 9006181, 93186310, CH8765ECO, FP8765, OFE00419, OX399D, PF2129, PF2130, PF459G, XG8765

Extended life filtration media engineered to deliver up to 10,000 miles of engine protection
99% Multi-Pass efficiency and removal of particles as small as 25 microns

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